Water light microneedle head out of the water needle

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Various models, each needle with a syringe.

  • Circular nanometer:Suitable for sensitive and thin cuticle skin,Daily care, whitening and moisturizing,Red blood, dark eye circles, yellow removal.
  • 3D chip:Suitable for sensitive stratum corneum.
  • 5D chip:Suitable for eye, high red, red blood, thin stratum corneum.
  • 9 needles:Suitable for local more serious acne pits, acne marks, scars, stretch marks, fat marks and so on.
  • 12 needles:Suitable for large pores, convex and concave holes, deep spots, decrees and so on.
  • 24 needles:Suitable for acne marks and pits, scars, stretch marks.
  • 36 needles:Suitable for ordinary skin care, whitening and moisturizing, light spots, eye bags, crow’s feet, lifting, VC introduction, firming.
  • 42 needles:It is suitable for ordinary skin care, whitening and moisturizing, lightening spots and removing bags under eyes.
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